Hi lovely crew!

I'm glad the extra L in my name did not deter you from finding me. I often (like, alllll the time) get asked if that's really the spelling of my name. Trust me... I would not be the type of person to stick an extra letter into such a common name and confuse everyone that communicates with me! So yes, the extra L is real. It looks pretty in cursive? I honestly think my mother was just bored, really...

I currently serve families in the Chester County and Berks County areas of Pennsylvania. Not in the area? No worries. We can still plan! I'm always up for a new location to explore with you!

My quirks include the simple pleasures of having a short walk to the fridge, long drives for an iced caramel coffee (Dunkin' - I'm a true New Englander at heart!), and sitting on the couch while aimlessly scrolling through countless Netflix shows but never really settling on one. I have a newfound thirst of exploring the world (or as much of it as I can) and love all things Harry Potter and Disney. 

I have a few little people that call me "mommy" and they're tired of being my "I have new equipment, let's take pictures!" guinea pigs. But they're cute so it works out all right.


​In between all of that...     I am YOUR photographer,

& I love every second of it. 


She is fun, talented and knows how to put people at ease. I will always cherish the photos she took of my littles.


HIGHLY recommend her!!

- The M Family



You know all those sweet little snuggles that are so fleeting but, oh, so special? That's what I want to capture. I want to capture playing, I want to capture a moment of your day that is just about you as a family. I want to capture the grumpy look, the potential tears. It's ok. It happens! Let's capture it all. I'm with you every step of the way, guiding you from the first steps of planning and well into your session. Let's make it happen!  

Family sessions begin at $350. 

Ready to plan?

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Looking forward to speaking with you! - Emilly Ziegler at info@photosbyemilly.com

Catering to the areas of Chester County, Berks County, Lancaster County, & Surrounding Areas. 

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